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There Are Many Articles Out There That Talk About Poker Tells Or Behaviors. That Allows You To Reading Other Players’ Hands. But There Is One More Important Thing. One Thing That Many People Forget When Playing Poker Is The Betting Pattern. 


10 Betting Pattern Observations That Make You Eat Pork Until Your Belly Spreads

1. If He Doesn’t Bluff, Don’t Worry.

There Is A Type Of Player Who Bets And Raises, Meaning These Players Bet Only When They Have Big Hands And Raise Only When They Have Very Big Hands. Observe And Look Out For Players Of This UFABET Style. Because You Won’t Have To Worry About Them Ever Again. Play Them With Big Cards Only And Don’t Try To Hero Call Them On The River. 

2.Three-Bet Preflop And Raise Postflop With Small Cards, When Encountered, Don’t Mess Around.

In This Level Game Very Few Players Would Play This Move. However, There Are Still Some Players Who Tend To Do This Move Every Once In A While To Increase The Pot Size So That It Is Beyond The Average Player’s Aptitude At This Level And To Remove People From The Hand. Keep That In Mind And Adjust The Game According To Different Players.

3. Check-Raise Players, Be Careful!

Remember Players Who Always Check-Raise When They Have A Big Hand Or Are Drawing, Because It Allows Us To Be Cautious And Can Check When We Play After These Players.

4. Players Who Like Slow Play, Be Careful Not To Let Him Get Trapped.

In This Level Game A Lot Of Players Prefer To Slow Play Sets On The Flop And Go Big On The Turn Or River. Remembering And Observing These Players Will Help You Avoid Getting Trapped.

5. Players Who Play According To The Position Of Every Hand, Study And Understand More.

Players Who Are Beginning To Learn And Become More Proficient In This Game Often Start Adjust Play According To Their Position, For Example, The Range Of Cards Will Widen When In The Dealer Position. You Don’t Need To Remember Everyone. About How Each Person Plays In Which Position, But Gradually Study Them One By One And It Will Surely Make Your Long-Term Game With Them Better.

6. Observe The Range Of Playing Preflop And Focus At A Narrow Range.

Continuing From The Previous Item On Position-Sensitivity How Wide Is Each Player’s Play In Each Position? How Wide Is Their Pre-Flop Range? Try To Remember These People, But Focus On Players With A Narrow Range Because When We Focus On People With A Wide Range, We Have To Sit And Guess Their Cards Wider As Well.

7. C-BET (Continuation Bet)

A Word Often Heard By Poker Players, “C-Bet” Means That Players Who Are On The Aggressor Pre-Flop And Continue To Bet On The Flop, Collecting This Data Is In Our Best Interest. Because Many Players C-Bet On The Flop In Any Case, Whether They Have Cards Or Not. So Sometimes Float On The Flop To Watch His Action On The Turn Or River Can Also Be Profitable.

8. Just Staring At The Flop Can Mean Many Things.

Coming Back To The Poker Tells Corner For A Bit, Many New Players Tend To Stare At The Flop Longer Than Usual If They Run Out Of Cards. They Hoped To Scare Their Opponents Check, But On The Other Hand, They Looked At The Flop And Quickly Turned Away, Pretending Not To Care. It Is Often Translated As You’re Encountering It Right There.

9. Intention To Fold

Many Players, Even Those Categorized As Professionals, Often Impatient And Picks Up Cards In Some Manner That Shows Willingness To Fold. This Information Will Be Very Helpful. When We Have Played Before These Players If We Notice This Posture When You Can Prepare Yourself.

10. Actors

Some Players At This Level Trying To Be An Actor And They Are Usually The Worst Actors. Which Means To Express Their Vulnerability Often Has The Opposite Meaning Just Like When They Show Strength, Other Performances That Are Often Seen Include Sighing And Picking Up Before Their Turn. To Show Strength And Intended To Scare Opponents