Chelsea 3-2 Leeds: Collected after the FA Cup match.

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Chelsea 3-2 Leeds: Collected after the FA Cup match, the Blues still had a good time, defeating the Golden Peas and progressing to the 8-team FA Cup

• Lost 2 goals but got 3 back
*• Chelsea encountered a tough job from Leeds as expected, but still passed
• And next round, they will meet the Champions League team again, like Leicester City.

Chelsea 3-2 Leeds: Collected after the FA Cup match.

Blue Singha and Yungthong

There is a long history of fighting each other, dating back over a hundred years ago. And it just happened this season when Leeds United expired in the Premier League until they fell into the EFL Championship.

Overall, it was Leeds who were even superior in head-to-head before this game, when the “Yungthong” were victorious 40 times (as recorded), tied with 30 and the “Blue Lion” won. 38

If this game had been at Elland Road, perhaps Chelsea would have been more ‘shaky’ with their latest foray north. Last season, it was Leeds’ 3-0 win, with Brendan Aaronson, Rodrigo Moreno and Jack Harrison all shining through Edouard Mendy.

However, when it comes to fighting at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea can be a bit more confident. Having defeated the Yung the last 6 times, including last season, they squeezed 1-0 from a goal from Wesley Fofana, a person who has almost forgotten…that he is still with Chelsea. Na (this season 0 minutes)

A terrifying game

But again, even though the record is good, it should be considered that this game is only at the level of 50:50 for Chelsea.

Because 1) I just lost in the Carabao Cup final. My physical condition is not as bad as my mentally weak heart. The younger the team, the better. The more you feel the pain, you won’t be able to come back.

and 2) Leeds United of manager Daniel Farke has also been very good lately. They have won 4 consecutive CPC games and are still undefeated in the last 12 games, winning 10 and drawing 2, including the overtime win over Plymouth 4-1 in the replay of the last round — until 2024. So far, I haven’t lost to anyone yet.

This kind of good form also allows Leeds to step up and challenge Leicester City for the championship position, trailing only 6 points at the moment.

It’s called a matter of “momentum.” At this moment, Leeds are better than Chelsea.

What’s with Kris?!?

For today’s formation, Mauricio Pochettino has enough team rotation. Although still missing the same injury Almost ten people were there.

  • – Robert Sanchez returns between the posts again after being on hiatus since the 0-2 loss to Everton on Dec. 10 (in total, missing 16 games)

    – Trevoh Chaloba First start of the season

    – Alfie Gilchrist starts at left back sometimes

    – Mikailo Mudrik tries out a new position at the “central attack” center, not a winger as usual

    – Y Jorge Petrovic, Ben Chilwell, Cole Palmer, Conor Gallagher dropped to the bench.

However, all of this is not as worth mentioning as the bad news before the game where Pochettino teased that… “Nkunku, it hurts again.”

“We have to assess his condition every day. But he will be resting for 3-4 weeks, which hopefully won’t be much longer than that,” Pochettino said, but did not reveal what kind of condition he had.

That’s equal to After moving for a fee of 52-53 million pounds, Nkunku played only 10 games for Chelsea, scoring 2 goals, and will now have to rest for another month. Until I’m fit again. How many games will be left to play?

Come on… let’s just ignore this season. Let’s say this is the French striker that Chelsea signed in the summer of 2023 and was loaned out to a hospital bed. The story will be fully usable. It was the hope that was expected. It must be in season 2024/25 onwards.

I hope so!

Almost fell asleep but came back

The game at Stamford Bridge opened with a very intense exchange. The fight was fun and Leeds came to give Chelsea a “difficult job” as expected.

However, what has become an issue Back at the edge of the field

When it was discovered that one unidentified Yungthong football fan Among the visiting team’s supporters, 5,400 people “fell out of the stands” from the upper levels of the Shed End as the Spaniards rejoiced in celebration of a 1-0 goal in the eighth minute from young Spanish striker Mateo Joseph . English, age 20

Witnesses at the scene said This young man It fell right onto the security steward group, and it was good that the height was not so great as to cause death. or serious injury

Such a fan He was carried out wearing a soft splint on his neck as first aid. in order to be sent directly to the hospital

The offensive game drowns out the defensive game.

As said, Leeds came to this game with a huge pile of problems that they were happy to give to Chelsea to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Especially behind Chelsea’s house today… let alone Leeds, Burnley or Sheffield United could easily penetrate them.

Because there is Robert Sanchez who has been away from the game for a long time, Trevoh Chalobah who has been on the field for a lot longer than Sanchez, Alfie Gilchrist who is very young (20). Moreover, he is not good at left back with Malo Gusto who is not a seasoned player (20) and has to play continuously without rest throughout the latter period.

The surroundings were like this. Axel Disasi probably secretly complained of a headache in his heart…

It was only 8 minutes before Mateo Joseph slotted past Robert Sanchez for a 1-0 lead for Leeds.

As well, in the second half, a basic thrown ball went into the head of Mateo Joseph, the same person, who headed in the direction of Sanchez for a 2-2 goal.

It’s still good today. Even though there are problems in the back of the house, “in front” can help clean everything up.

1-1 (p.15) Nicholas Jackson shows his sharpness. He (unbelievably) broke through the offside trap up the right side of the 6-yard box and pressed through the legs of goalkeeper Illan Meslier.

2-1 (p. 37) Raheem Sterling cuts from the right backline to allow Mikailo Mudrik to enter the hospital exactly as per the textbook. It’s the right place at the right time.

3-2 (89.51) Enzo Fernandez stabbed in front for Conor Gallagher, who looked for a hole and slammed it across Meslier’s face and into the net.

Chelsea scored three goals, winning 3-2 by creating only five shots on target throughout the game.