Potter is fed up with Chelsea dropping points but not worried can still hope for 4th place

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Chelsea head coach Graham Potter admits to be honest. The team is not good enough to pick up three points in the away game against Nottingham Forest. After only drawing 1-1 in the Premier League on New Year’s Day, but still Don’t give up. Let’s continue to win the top four. because the road is still long

Chelsea boss Graham Potter expressed his disappointment with the performance of his players following their 1-1 draw with Nottingham Forest at the City Ground on Sunday. January 1, 2023, pointing out that the form of the team’s play should not be able to collect three points back. As for hopes of winning the top four, there is still plenty of time. So you shouldn’t worry at this time.

Potter is fed up with Chelsea dropping points but not worried can still hope for 4th place

The Blues took the lead from Raheem Sterling in the 16th minute, but they were unable to score a goal away until Serge Aurier equalized for the home team in the 63rd minute. sharing points As a result, the team from London has 25 points, 7 points away from Manchester United, ranked 4th, after the game , the Blue Lion trainer admitted that his UFABET team was not good enough to beat the opponent.

“It was a hard earned point. compared to a well-prepared team They put pressure on us in the second half. Our performance is not good enough to collect three points. We didn’t move the ball fast enough. We don’t move enough. It’s not fair to take 3 points when the game starts. We can’t control much. It was a tough game , Forest played a good game and we were disappointed with the performance over 90 minutes,” said the 47-year-old.

As for the hopes of winning the UEFA Champions League quota , Potter is still not worried about the situation at this time. Despite being several points behind number 4, seeing that he had only played 16 matches, he still had a long way to go before the end of the match, so he still had time to improve the team’s performance to be more efficient.

“For us, I think it would be a mistake to worry about what will happen in the next five months. We still have to prepare for the next match and make our performance level better and more consistent. That’s the step and that’s what we have to do rather than think about getting into the top four.