Tricks to dig gold from new players! When you see it, it’s worth it.

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To Be Honest You Should Always Be On The Lookout For New Players And Take Them Down. Even If It Looks Unsportsmanlike. And It Might Make Them Stop Playing Poker Altogether. But Once You Step Into The Poker Table , You Should Play To Beat Everyone. There Is Absolutely No Compromise For Anyone.

Tricks to dig gold from new players! When you see it, it's worth it.

Fearful And Uncaring People

New Poker Players It Can Be Easily Divided. They Are Of Two Types: The Timid And The Uncaring.

Observe And Plan Look At The New Faces And Cut Them!

Scarers Will Call A Lot And Fold Most Of The Raises, They Don’t Float And It’s Very Hard To See Them Open Raises. Meanwhile, Neglects Will Keep Raising With A Wide Range, Which We Should Have A Strategy For. Play Differently For These Two Types Of Players.

Bet On The Cowards! Follow Those Who Don’t Care, Go To The River.

For The Timid, We Should Constantly Bet On These Players. But Be Careful When He Raises Oddly. For The Uncaring, We Should Value Bet Big Hands And Call Down. Look At The River For A Big Bet With A Single Pair.

Beginners Are Afraid Of Getting Bet, So Bet A Lot And Make A Big Pot. Concept That Many New Players The Idea Was That The Royal Flush Had To Face The Four Of Kind, Which Was Seen On TV. But In Reality Some Pro Players Have Never Even Encountered One. Beginners Are Always Shy, Remember That Most Draws We Hope To Miss And Premium Hands Like AA,KK Are Very Difficult To Get.

C-Bet Wears Whatever Happens.

Newbies, Especially Timid Ones, Tend To Fold On The Flop If They Can’t Get In. A Big Connect Draw Is Therefore A Very Useful C-Bet. To Play With Players Of This UFABET Level