West Ham bans fans for throwing bloody biraghi on pitch

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West Ham United have vowed to ban the fan who caused the Fiorentina star to bleed during the Europa Conference League final. last night

     West Ham United have vowed to ban a fan threw objects that made the Fiorentina captain bloody in the Europa League final Last night. The game had to be stopped for several minutes in the first half. After a number of objects were thrown onto the field from the stands. And had a serious effect on the moment. When Cristiano Biraghi was preparing to take a corner kick for the Italian club.

West Ham bans fans for throwing bloody biraghi on pitch

          The left-back suffered a deep cut after being struck by an object. The blood was clearly flowing down the back of the head and neck. The unfortunate incident left team captain Declan Rice and the rest. The players had to come out to ask for peace from the cheerleaders came to watch the game And since then. The club has released a statement pledging to take strong action against the individuals involved. Threw objects onto the pitch during tonight’s UEFA Europa Conference League final,” they said.

          “These actions have no place in football. And it does not represent the values ​​of our football club and the majority of our supporters who have behaved impeccably in Prague this week and over the last two seasons in European competition . Other interests to review the incident and take action against anyone found guilty In line with our zero tolerance approach. Anyone who is identified will have their details handed over to the police and will be banned indefinitely. Therefore, it cannot go into the London Stadium and travel with the club. West Ham United has no room for this kind of behavior.

 Before the game, Hammers fans were attacked by Italian mobs in Prague with Fiorentina ‘s “Ultra”. Using flares and chairs as weapons to attack their opponents ahead of the final. Police later confirmed that 30 men had been arrested following the attack. An off-field controversy stains a glorious night for the London club. This is the first European title since 1965. 

Jarrod Bowen‘s late goal gave West Ham United a narrow 2-1 win over Fiorentina, sparking emotional celebrations from the manager. Team David Moyes and his players It is also the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com club’s first major trophy since the 1980 FA Cup. It will mean more European adventures for Moyes’ men. Which is now through to play in the Europa League next season.