5 ways to care for your lips Conquer the problem of dry, flaky lips. Come back to be beautiful in just one night!

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Many people may understand that the problem “Dry, flaky lips”  are caused by taking your body to cold, negative weather. But the truth is, whether you travel abroad during the winter. Or take a boat trip to the sea and challenge the summer sun. You can also encounter problems with dry, cracked, flaky lips. Today HELLO! So we will take everyone to know the root cause of the problem and tell you 5 ways to care for your lips. Come back beautiful, plump, moisturized, ready to apply lipstick overnight.

5 ways to care for your lips Conquer the problem of dry, flaky lips. Come back to be beautiful in just one night!

Causes of dry, cracked, flaky lips

In addition to the “cold temperatures” that often come with wind and dryness in the air. It causes the lips to lose moisture and become dry, cracked, and flaky. There are other factors that you may not have known about. The first factor is “sunlight” because being exposed to the sun for a long time causes the skin to lose moisture, just like being exposed to cold temperatures. Therefore, many people who go to the beach are exposed to the sun all day. The ยูฟ่าเบท body will lose water, causing dry and cracked mouth as well.

Another factor that many people know about but often forget to do is “licking the lips”. This behavior is very easy to harm the lips, making them dry and dark. Because human saliva has enzymes (Enzyme) as a component. Make time to touch the skin or lips. It will cause the skin in that area to become dry and disturbed. Anyone who frequently licks their lips Throughout the day, my lips tend to be drier than others.

The next cause is not an external factor. But it is caused by factors within our own body, which is “health” because many times when our body is abnormal or uncomfortable, it will be reflected through various organs. The symptoms of dry, cracked, flaky mouth are the same. It may be a symptom of thyroid disease, a vitamin deficiency in the body. to inflammatory bowel disease And sometimes dry, cracked, and flaky lips may be a sign that you are allergic to the products used on your lips as well.

How to care for your lips

1/5 Lip scrub

The first method is something that many people may overlook. But when you encounter problems with dry, cracked, flaky lips, then you should “scrub your lips” once a week. or once every two weeks To remove dead and flaky skin cells on the lips. By choosing a scrub that is not too large and coarse. So as not to harm the lips and surrounding skin. which is already dry

An important trick is to choose a scrub that has oils or moisturizing ingredients in it. Or if the scrub used is just empty scrub pellets, should it be mixed with oil that is used to nourish the face regularly? Coconut oil is added so that when scrubbing, it gets rid of dead skin cells. without making the skin dry and tight Or it can cause already dry lips to be damaged and drier than before.

Lip scrub at HELLO! My favorite is ‘La Mer The Lip Polish’, a super moisturizing lip scrub from La Mer. that uses the value of Miracle Broth, the brand’s exclusive ingredient invented from sea kelp algae Combined with a fine sugar crystal scrub. Gently removes dead skin cells on the lips. Doesn’t feel painful or irritate the skin. It also comes with an applicator for applying and massaging around the lips. Helps stimulate blood circulation to make the lips look plump and more healthy.

2/5 Nourish your lips with serum.

After scrubbing your lips and wiping them off with a damp tissue or cotton ball, moisturize your lips. “Serum for lips” is the first step because this is a product that was invented to specifically nourish the lips. And the item we recommend is ‘Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Nighttime Rescue Lip Oil-Serum’, an oil serum that comes in the form of a dipping applicator.

The product is a serum and oil. When you apply it to your lips, you’ll feel instantly moisturized because the serum quickly absorbs and moisturizes the skin on your lips. while the oil will gradually Restores and nourishes the lips to look plump for several hours. Anyone who has a problem with very dry lips And no matter what I do, it’s still broken. It’s flaky. Please try to follow the steps and take care of your lips like you would take care of your facial skin. We guarantee that you will definitely see changes from the first night.

3/5 Use lip mask before bed.

When using lip serum Please continue to nourish it. “Sleeping mask for lips” before going to bed. A lip mask is like using a face mask. That is, it is more concentrated than the lip balm used to nourish normal lips. Helps nourish and revitalize the lips deeply and lasts longer throughout the night than lip balm.

Tricks for those with very dry lips A sleeping mask for lips should be applied all over the lips and around the edges of the mouth before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning you feel that your lips are dry again. After showering, reapply the lip mask and wipe first with a damp cotton pad. Before applying lipstick This method will deeply nourish the lips and make the lipstick last long and beautiful without fading.

As for the lip mask that we cite as our all-time favorite item, it’s ‘Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask’, a sleeping mask for lips with a clear pink gel texture like rose petals. Comes with a gentle scent that invites you to relax before going to bed. And even though it comes in the form of a gel texture But when you apply it to your lips, you will find that it is not a gel that is quickly absorbed and disappears quickly. But it provides intense moisture that feels like applying oil.

4/5 Apply lip balm during the day.

How to care for your lips The next order is “Using lip balm during the day” Many young women may be accustomed to filling their lips with lipstick alone. Sometimes the moisture of shine or satin lipstick isn’t enough to nourish lips that are exposed to pollution and sunlight all day. Needless to say, the more matte the lipstick is. Therefore, I would like to recommend that everyone always carry lip balm or lip balm with them. and keep adding it during the day

In addition to lip balm or lip balm, it will help nourish the lips. It’s also an important trick for filling in your lips to make them more beautiful throughout the day. A good way to fill your lips is not to apply lipstick immediately after eating. Because the smell of food stuck on the lips will stick to the lipstick. But drink water to rinse your mouth and wipe off all the old lipstick. After that, apply lip balm or lip balm as the first step to keep your lips moisturized and free of cracks. Then slowly apply colorful lipstick over it.

One of HELLO’s favorite lip balms! It’s Chanel’s classic ‘Chanel Rouge Coco Baume’. Because it feels light and comfortable on the lips. When applied, it doesn’t feel like the lips are coated with a thick layer of moisture, but the light balm texture is instantly absorbed and nourishes the lips. That’s because this lip balm contains Meadowfoam oil derivatives that help protect and retain moisture for up to 8 hours and Phyto-ceramides. that mimics natural ceramides on the skin Provides gentle moisture to the lips.

5/5 Take care of your health and stay hydrated from within.

We’ve arrived at the last 5 ways to care for your lips. After taking care of your lips from the outside in 4 steps, you must not forget to take care of your lips from the inside. Whether it is keeping the body healthy Because dry, cracked, and flaky lips can be side effects from various diseases.

You also need to drink water regularly throughout the day to hydrate your body. This trick will help prevent dry mouth. It also helps the skin look radiant and clear. Finally, who is the person whose body lacks vitamins? You can take vitamin supplements to nourish your body to be strong and healthy from within. Just this will solve the problem of dry, cracked, flaky lips.