Diabetes, a disease associated with obesity Lose weight quickly to reduce risk.

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Diabetes , a disease in which blood sugar levels are continuously and chronically higher than normal. The body will secrete less insulin than normal. Insulin is not fully effective Diabetes is most often found in obese people who have too much fat stored in their bodies. Causes higher sugar accumulation in the blood. Which if anyone is fat or are in a state of obesity, I can tell you that you must lose weight immediately. Because in addition to obesity You will also get diabetes as an additional disease.

Diabetes, a disease associated with obesity Lose weight quickly to reduce risk.

What are the characteristics of obesity that is at risk for diabetes?

As for obesity, it is a condition in which the body has accumulated too much fat in various parts. Obesity cannot be seen with the eyes as fat alone. Must be evaluated from body mass index together. To know the amount of fat in the body Then the doctor will evaluate whether you are in a state of obesity or not. Whether it’s food from abnormalities of the body Including genetics that comes from families with obesity, etc.

How to measure obesity? that cause diabetes in the future

Obesity, visual inspection cannot assess who is obese. Because some people have overweight stocks Or that they are chubby but when they come in to evaluate the amount of accumulated body fat they may be in the range that fits the body. Maybe not too high. For obesity that results in various diseases In particular. Diabetes can be measured by (body mass index = weight (kilograms) / (meters) x height (meters)). If it is assessed and you have a body mass index of 30 or more. That’s fat.

How to avoid and reduce the risk of obesity What must I do?

If anyone doesn’t want to be obese that causes various diseases especially diabetes. What are the ways to avoid and reduce the risk of obesity? The first thing we can do is control our diet. Which foods are high in fat or junk food. If you can stop eating it, you should definitely stop eating it. And turn to eating fruits and vegetables to increase dietary fiber that helps with the digestive https://ufabet999.com system. Exercise regularly and should go to bed on time Don’t sleep too late. It will help you avoid obesity and various diseases very well.

As for obesity, you can avoid it. Just keep exercising regularly. Choose to eat foods that contain fiber that helps to keep the digestive system balanced and able to absorb cholesterol well. Just this, you will be able to reduce the risk of disease. It also reduces the incidence of diabetes and obesity-related diseases as well. If anyone is now at risk of obesity. Let me tell you that you should reduce it immediately. Because otherwise it may put you in a state of obesity.