What is blistering disease or pemphigoid? What are its causes and how to treat it?

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Bullous pemphigoid is not a contagious disease. Able to touch and be close to patients as usual. But it takes time for continuous treatment. There is a chance of recovery.

What is blistering disease or pemphigoid? What are its causes and how to treat it?

What is blistering disease?

Blistering disease It’s a group disease. Blisters on the skin that are common and have similar symptoms to pemphigus. Caused by abnormalities in the functioning of the immune system Causes the destruction of proteins that hold the skin in the epidermis. and genuine leather together The skin separates easily. Causes blisters on the body

Blistering disease What are the symptoms?

Dr. Mingkwan Wichaidit, Director of the Institute of Dermatology, Department of Medical Services,  said that the distinctive features of this disease What is different from pemphigus is

  1. Blisters are firm and difficult to break. This is because the separation of the skin is in a deeper location than pemphigus.
  2. Most often, blisters are found in the lower abdomen, inner extremities, in the crooked joints, and in rare cases there are sores in the mouth.

Pemphigoid can often be found in elderly people. These two diseases can be separated from each other by symptoms. and a biopsy was taken for further examination.

How to treat blisters

The main medicine used for treatment is topical steroids. It is used as the main treatment in patients with localized blisters. In โปรโมชั่น ufabet cases where the blisters are spread all over the body, treatment with oral steroids is recommended. or in combination with immune-suppressing drugs It will help control the disease. If compared with pemphigus disease Pemphigoid requires lower doses of immunosuppressants. and responds better to treatment than pemphigus. Patients with this disease.

There may be blisters that come and go over a period of 2-3 years and can heal normally. And currently, there is treatment with injections that act directly on the abnormal immune system. which was found to be able to control the disease well Has fewer side effects than oral immune suppressants.

How to behave when suffering from blisters

  1. You should clean your body regularly. Use saline to clean the affected area. Use a soft brush to clean your tongue and teeth.
  2. Not scratching the rash To reduce the risk of infection
  3. Patients with mouth ulcers You should avoid spicy food. Avoid eating hard foods such as nuts or snacks as they may stimulate the peeling of the oral mucosa.
  4. Avoid strenuous exercise.
  5. You should not wear tight clothing. To reduce skin abrasions
  6. avoid sunlight and stress which is an important motivating factor
  7. Receive continuous treatment Come to your doctor’s appointments regularly.
  8. Take medicine continuously Do not reduce or increase your medication on your own.  

If you take care of your health and wounds properly It will help the disease subside faster. This allows patients to live their lives like normal people. No new lesions appeared.