5 effects of fasting on weight loss for young men Now that you know, you shouldn’t risk it.

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Losing weight is good for your body and your mind. But it must be done in the correct way. Suitable for yourself and your lifestyle, for example diet control. Determining the time to eat and exercise These behaviors will definitely result in our weight decreasing. One thing that shouldn’t be done is fasting Because it will cause the body’s systems to work abnormally. And has many other negative effects. Today, we have collected the negative effects that will occur to tell you.

5 effects of fasting on weight loss for young men Now that you know, you shouldn't risk it.

1. Loss of muscle

misconception It is often thought that people who want to lose weight must not eat carbs or starve themselves at all. By doing this, the body will use the muscles. which is like an important energy burner for weight loss As a result, the body is not strong, tired, and has no energy to exercise. or do various activities

2. The brain is not clear.

due to dieting It will cause the brain to not receive various important substances. As a result, people who fast will have slow brain symptoms, lethargy, can’t think, are easily forgetful. In the long run, it may affect personality and ability to think, analyze, and solve problems. can be a problem The best way is not to fast. But it is better to adjust or reduce certain foods that cause weight gain.

3. Easily upset

It is a result of not getting enough nutrients such as starch, sugar or various carbohydrates. which is the specialty of these things It will stimulate the secretion of a type of hormone that makes us happy and joyful. Therefore, if the body does not receive or lacks this group of nutrients Will cause irritability. Feeling upset more easily than usual

4. The metabolism system is broken.

Our bodies are smart at adapting. When we start eating less, our metabolism will start to decrease accordingly. Imagine if you fasted regularly. Of course, the weight will come off quickly. But the long-term problem is The metabolic ยูฟ่าเบท system will be less than before. And if a yo-yo happens Losing weight will be more difficult than before.

5. Always hungry

There are many stories that have been found. When we start fasting for one meal Hunger or food cravings are carried over to the next meal. Makes you eat a lot more than before If you eat something that is not beneficial or a group that has high fat, a lot of sugar, and refined flour. I can assure you that there is absolutely no weight loss.

correct weight loss It will give us the body as expected and will not have a negative effect on the body in the long run. But it helps to live life. Work and overall health are better. Dieting is the wrong way. It is true that it will cause weight to drop quickly. But the consequences after that are bad health. and will easily become fat again